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Grey Exim logo: A stylized, halftone dot sphere design, featuring white dots that gradually decrease in size towards the top right, forming a curved shape that suggests a three-dimensional, globe-like appearance.
Close-up view of a wooden loom with numerous parallel beige threads tightly stretched, creating a pattern of vertical lines. The warm lighting accentuates the texture of the threads and the wood’s grain, highlighting the intricacy of the weaving process.

Crafting Quality
Fabrics for the World


Championing Quality, Minimising Waste.

Exporting durable, high-quality fabrics to combat waste, our mission is to champion longevity, value, and sustainability across the supply chain.

The image depicts three individuals in a traditional fabric store. The woman on the left is wearing a teal patterned dress and holding a piece of fabric with intricate designs. A man in the center is wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, facing the third individual, who is wearing a brown hijab and long-sleeve top. They appear to be engaged in a conversation about the fabric. The background shows various other fabrics displayed on hangers, suggesting a rich variety of textiles available in the store.
An indoor fabric store or workshop with neatly arranged shelves of various textiles. A person is working with fabric materials.


Weaving Your Dreams

Explore our diverse fabric range—from Cotton Jersey, Digital Printed 100% Cotton—Premium Linen to Velvet. Our team is here to guide you and ensure a satisfying shopping experience!



Experience the artistry of our Brocade and Jacquard fabrics at Grey Exim - Sachin factory. Our Jacquard machinery weaves Pure Viscose, Japanese Satin, Rayon, Nylon, and more. Custom designs? We've got you covered.

A close-up view of luxurious Brocade-Jacquard fabric with an intricate, raised design. The fabric features stylized leaves and vines in shimmering gold thread against a soft pastel green fabric. The texture appears rich and detailed, highlighting the high-quality weave typical of Jacquard fabrics.


Digital Print

Unleash creativity with our Digitally Printed fabrics at Grey Exim - Sachin factory. From Cotton to Pure Linen, our designer transforms fabrics into unique art pieces. Elevate your wardrobe with vibrant, digitally printed expressions.

A close-up of a cotton fabric with a newspaper pattern digital print. The fabric is folded, revealing layers beneath. The print resembles a newspaper layout, with columns of text in varying sizes and bold headings. One prominent heading reads “SED VENENATIS” in large, bold letters. Below this heading are smaller paragraphs of text that appear to be Latin placeholder text commonly used in design.


Foil Print

Customize your fabric with stunning foil prints. Share your images/videos, and our designers will transform them into dazzling creations on your chosen fabric.

A close-up of a textured fabric with a foil print design. The fabric has a vibrant mix of pink and orange hues with intricate gold foil patterns that appear to be inspired by traditional motifs.


Embroidery Work

Luxury meets craftsmanship. Elevate your outfits with our exquisite embroidery fabrics, perfect for dresses, suits, tops, and more. Choose or create designs tailored to your style.

A close-up of a vibrant embroidered fabric. The textile features a rich orange base color with intricate patterns of leaves and flowers in shades of pink, green, and blue. Embellishing the fabric are rows of small, shiny gold beads and sequins that add a luxurious texture and sparkle to the overall design.


Luxurious fabrics for special occasions. Our position printing method combines sequined borders with intricate designs, creating elegant fabrics suitable for any event.

A close-up view of intricately stitched fabric with a patchwork pattern. Various shapes, including diamonds and hexagons, are combined in vibrant and muted colors. The patterns feature zigzag lines in shades of orange, white, and blue, as well as floral prints with pink roses on teal or grey backgrounds.


Reliable quality.
Global distribution.

We offer a comprehensive array of services, from the fabric manufacturing stage to the delivery of goods to your country. You can count on the utmost professionalism in all that we do.

Behind The Scenes


Capturing Your Vision

We begin by attentively listening to your needs, preferences, and budget. We delve into the essence of your...


Sourcing Excellence

Based on your vision, we source the perfect blend of yarns, meticulously considering texture, weight, and...


Loom Magic

Skilled artisans bring your vision to life on our advanced looms, crafting intricate fabrics with precision...


Tailoring Your Needs

Every client is unique, and so are their needs. We tailor our approach to ensure your specifications are met with...


Quality Assurance

We precisely inspect every fabric inch, ensuring colour consistency, texture precision, and adherence to the...


Delivery & Delight

Deliver your masterpiece promptly and securely, ensuring it arrives exactly as envisioned. Your satisfaction is our...

Popular Choice

A close-up view of a rich, deep pink or magenta spanish velvet fabric. The fabric has a distinctive sheen and texture, creating soft folds and creases. Its lustrous surface reflects light at various angles, giving it a dynamic and luxurious appearance.


Spanish Velvet

A close-up view of a pleated cotton single jersey fabric with a smooth texture. The fabric is dyed in a uniform, soft purple hue and features fine horizontal ridges consistent with a jersey knit.


Cotton Single Jersey

A close-up view of a premium linen fabric with a vibrant digital print. The fabric is adorned with an intricate animal and tropical foliage pattern, showcasing a variety of wildlife such as zebras, toucans, parrots, and leopards amidst lush green palm leaves and other exotic plants.


Digital Print Pure Linen

A piece of fabric with a vibrant and colorful evil eye pattern. The design features a series of stylized eyes with neon pink, blue, green, and yellow accents on a white background. Each eye is surrounded by various shapes including petals, dots, and lines, creating a dynamic and playful aesthetic. The fabric appears to be rayon, indicated by its slight sheen and drape as it is loosely gathered in the image.


Neon Print

A premium velvet fabric features an abstract pattern in shades of sea green and blue.


Digital Print Premium Velvet

I sent our specific design to be printed on Spanish Velvet Fabric, which is 58 inches wide and weighs 260 GSM. When I got the fabric, mashallah, it's even better than I hoped for!

Husain M.


The Voice of Experience

Spanish Velvet fabric quality is too good!

Anshu K.


The Voice of Experience

The responsive service, top-notch quality of Cotton Single Jersey fabric, and prompt delivery!

Grace C.


The Voice of Experience

Love the Printed Chiffon fabric and the detailed print work!

Sami Al H.


The Voice of Experience

I totally adored the Digital Printed fabric, and the sales team was super quick in responding!

Jesmin K

Sri Lanka

The Voice of Experience

I'm thrilled with the Floral Pattern Digital Print Cotton Fabric! It's been perfect for crafting some amazing outfits for my boutiques.

Edwin Th.

South Africa

The Voice of Experience

Wow, I'm really impressed with how quickly they responded and the amazing quality of the digital print on the cotton cambric fabric!



The Voice of Experience

I got the really cool Beige Animal Pattern Digital Print Cotton Fabric from Grey Exim. Their response time was super quick, and the delivery was safe and secure!

Swapnali Ch.


The Voice of Experience

A close-up of a woman's torso and arms, holding a stack of fabric swatches. The fabrics vary in shades from light beige to dark grey and blue. The woman wears a white shirt and a black coat.
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